This my second post I am new kindly comment

You are thrown into reality no longer living in the world of mermaids and raphunzals , it’s 18 your decisions will be influence whether you have a salary or not whether you can afford your desire or not …..

Is it okay for me to spend like I need to pay the rent what if I don’t get the salary already the company is not in a good condition. Should I buy this or not no , I shouldn’t the rate is reaching the sky now I need to look for my transportation mobile recharge and monthly food grocery how should I accomodate my expenses. ….these are the things your mind will filled with . There is this new movie let’s watch it in the evening going to the park would be a nice idea till , I should also do the homework to make my mom happy after the parents meeting scenario , why is akansha ignoring me since she got a new pet ….. Not anymore these thoughts had left your mind the moment you reach 18.. Don’t worry I agree now you are expected to be responsible your actions might doubt others if you are a good citizen or not. , But don’t panic it’s okay ….

You need to be positive it’s okay you are having cup noodles for a month or you are not getting holiday from the company don’t stress be communicative don’t pressure your mind that you are a grown up so you should know everything that’s not true it’s okay if you don’t know how to handle a situation its okay if you did something wrong next time you cna make it if not then you will someday with the time you’ll learn but don’t forget to keep the child alive within you smile and yawn stretched your body to relax , smile even if there’s no specific reason look at the positive side of everything breath and feel the air jump and say hello to sunrise sing dance laugh and yelled it out It’s my 18th birthday