Firstly my heart skipping fast wondering how it feels to be independent and free from everything like those situations where you are considered as a child now being 18 means going to parties without others permission it’s okay if it’s at night and late .

Who will leave that opportunity like listening to crickets having fun with your friends at the beach going to a restaurant or what else whenever you are in public you don’t have to worry about others you can go wherever you want . Nothing like restrictions exist from that moment .

Guess what when I hit my 18 forgot how I celebrate it ,but thr thing which struck my mind that ohh shit I am not a kid anymore , I ….. Am not considered a kid a child anymore you know what it means you are fully exposed to this world now you are surrounded by strangers you cannot expect someone’s help ,when your wrong don’t expect others not to humiliate you , if your decisions or your words the first thing would be don’t you have manners how to talk what a shameless women . People will expect you to be mature , like you are 18 still didn’t get a job so sad , your daughter has turn 18 how long she is going to study this is the right age get her married , you need to be more hardworking and carefull you are no longer a kid , you’ll be alone in the hostel or this xyz place you need to cook for yourself if your salary gets that’s what i have heard and felt like being 18 is a trouble but it depends on you

Age is just a number for me .