What should I do ,I have taken alot I had enough I don’t wanna think about others I don’t want myself to be hurt again and again I don’t want me to be teared apart I am tired broken and it hurts pains I want to be alone just on myself I don’t wanna do anything for others I just want to get rid of this pain I can do anything to get rid of this I want to be happy cheerful but o don’t want to live in dreams I want to be alone I have had enough enough of making fun of me I am not a piece of joke to anyone it’s not a joke you have no right to. to make fun of me I don’t need any one just leave me alone don’t try to show off just get yourself out of my life you are just a trouble, everyone if it ses like a drama to you then i am not going to curse you nor hurt you cause I don’t care nothing affects me accept the sadness I am happy to drown deeper into it cause this world is not where I belong these people have no relation to me I have no bonds to share no things to hold I just wanna die to escape from this I don’t wanna be in this world I don’t wanna be in this body I don’t want to see myself In a mirror not anymore even though there’s a smile plastered over my face there is a broken soul captive in that body hidden in those smiles but visible in those darken eyes. __END_OF_PART__IMG_20210201_16393044_gallery.jpg__END_OF_PART__