A call It was evening and I was laying on the bed looking up. Scrolling in my mobile which could take my interest and keep my mind stress free even if it’s for a while. Unexpectedly I got a message from one of my friend which is close to me since our school days just her message took of the burden my heart was holding. I messages her asking how are you . It wasn’t some special conversation normal conversation where she share her feelings about her college experience. Our conversation made my mind stopped it made my mind refresh and took me to another world . After our conversation she said she wants to call me I was okay and hardly able to contain my excitement. She called me after a while and we two talk about how we where occupied with our assignments ,and that she is troubled that she has so many assignment from different classes yet she cannot chose to not do some since the class teachers have high hopes on her it’s her kindness that she is trying to make everyone happy and trying to reach up to their expectations but at the same time there was a sad silence in her voice which told me that she cannot she is feeling alone no matter how cheered up she looks she has a lot of things and a big pressure on her shoulder , which she can hardly overcome but at the end I assured her that she can do anything and I want to tell her that I believe her no matter whatever she does in the end she will have no regrets just be happy go for it. And lastly don’t worry . This call really matters to me cause we never know what others are going through there are many people who are in troubled and are in huge pressure , at this time there are times where our mind is fill with negativity , we don’t know what decisions people take at those times so everyone who is out there if you ever feel lonely then feel free to call it might be helpful and save you cause you are really precious , you are important even if there are some stupid people who doesn’t know your value then don’t waste your tears for them love yourself you are special . So whenever you feel sad or broken then feel free to share it . Best option is you can make a call at call center it couldn’t be more hilarious then anything