If i were to be a flower

If i were to be a flower i choose to be a rose.

When i chose rose i dint chose it just because of its popularity not because of the beauty not because it is an important part of shakespeare novels.

But when i chose rose the reson is tge meaning behind it ,

The petals hold someones feelings , a feeling which is uncontrollable

Beyond imagination, yes a feeling of love a passionate love where no questions exist. No partiality.

Rose , it doesnt differentiate whether its religion a caste , whether it is about gender or about your class.

It is pure , it is simple , it conveys a lot of feelings

it reaches to someones heart.

it is affordable cheap yet nothing can be compared to it. A rose is there in a letter on someones grave, inside someones book .. it is everywhere

.It also shows honesty, it is beautiful but dont forget the thorns

it states honesty in ones relationship , no matter what that relations is

It states trust and truth no matter whatever the reason is that is stopping you , be honest.