How are you feeling?

she ask
Fine… she responds

What does fine mean?

She Look down with a blank expression
Don’t..know she said softly


What do you like she ask?
I love it
Okay .. She said

What do you want to do ?

I always want to be alone
It’s safe

How ?

I afraid when people call my name I feel uncomfortable

I just don’t feel like


I want to be lonely
Okayyy … you don’t hurt someone?


It doesn’t seems like that….
i cannot fulfill their expectations

She said looking down

Why do you think that you have to fulfill others wishes?

Cause then they won’t hate me

Why do you think they hate you ?

Don’t know

So how are you physically?


Can you please add more to it

She said softly I feel myself numb and tired everything is scary
Everything gives pain
When i inhale my chest ache
My hands hurt
I feel my whole body dieing
I try to avoid eating to overtake the pain
I am going through
I feel like if I would cry it would

I feel pain in my head nothing is there

That can help it
Thoughts can’t be

Controlled I always think about questions which doesn’t have any answers
I feel like dieing is the only thing which could save me
Cause humans can’t be trusted
My existence is a burden
Reading books and quotes doesn’t help anymore

The more i.try to.fix it
The more it gets complicated

So now I think it’s better to be alone
No one would care no one would harm.