After a very long time
For once

Gathered the courage to look at the mirror
To look for something

Behind this uneasiness and loneliness

And first time I saw myself be myself anymore
I was.just seeing someoneelse
Which is not me anymore
The eyes are nothing sparkling but worse it was just like looking

At something which is not alive anymore
Was I fearing

That I lose myself completely

Now i.dont know how back
It never has happened

What should

Should I.still be in shell
No choice it’s keeping me safe

Will someone ever believe me

That I almost lose myself
And don’t know how to get it

Cause it’s the most important thing
Without me

There is nothing like usual
The time is just going nothing is neither coming neither going not doing things nor missing things
I am breathing yet suffocating

My heart is there
Without throbbing

I still have ears

But no voice can be heard
Legs are there but not able to stand now
Hands are there but it’s not striving for anything


And lastly those eyes aren’t not there anymore which once wants to.explore the world