In the time when you know going out is absolutely a thing you can’t do and should do
But at the same time

You know being indoors is not the most interesting and loving thing someone would ever do.

We all know that in this pandemic there are lots of people who are developing themselves and exploring themselves and creating new ideas doing a lot of stuffs which
Surely get your interest and takes your interest

So today what this blog is about
How can one actually do something fun and new without going outside

Hobbies , everyone loves it and everyone has it
Whether it’s about writing reading
Or going out trying out new stuff
It’s all interesting

And if you are the one who wants to do something new

This blog is for you
There are lot of things you can try
Like podcast
You can make a podcast
For free and can share your ideas
About anything you do or learn which can not only help to gain knowledge but at the same time make you earn.

If you are a person who aloves writting then ofcourse you can try blogging

Besides this, you can learn alot of stuffs like singing you can make your own channel and upload your videos on youtube and you can earn at the same time learn
Singing is really something which is beautiful and refreshing

Other than music you can try learning a new language it really helps to build your communication skills and also helps to gain a wide area of knowledge

There are tons of sites and ways in social media which will help you to learn a new language.

If you are a person who is crafty then you can share your ideas in instagram
Not only that you can also find something interesting which will surely take your interest.

You can also try interior designing or mehndi designs

It really is trendy you can try decorating your room and make something really good out of it

Of your choice .

You can also try making new things

From something old
Sure if it’s hobbies

Its alot

You can try learning cooking or teach someone how to be qa cook if you have a lovely sweet grandma who is a brilliant chef and has tons of. Secret recipes then feel free to share

And free to learn

There’s alot there i might have missed
I would be really happy if someone has a unique hobby which I miss

Please share your ideas your hobbies and more great if you are already making alot out of it .