I never thought the hobby of clicking pictures of whatever fascinates will some day help me to be positive and optimistic my life .

It’s not been too long since I started it but it’s great capturing the wonderful moments of the life and making a beautiful memories often it makes me really happy it lifts my mood sometimes when I am down this is how nature is makes you feel great at the first sight .

It’s nothing great I love capturing moon since it seems delightful always being in the dark And making that too beautiful with remarkable dwells twinkling beside it.

It teaches me how humble the moon is eventhough it shines so bright it never once pride .It always stays beside the stars brightening in the sky

The most wonderful thing which I like about the moon is that no matter how many crest scars it has nothing will look as beautiful as it looks on it.

Sometimes scars make things turned into a mess ,and some things turn that scars into their signature.