I hold you ever since I started learning
I hold you from the point when  my eyes  holds the sparkles and lips sealed
I hold you from the point when I was young and because of it I never got a courage to speak
And to decide

In that young age
I found my dream
For others it’s normal
But at that very moment my whole world changed
could be
that from that very moment to now there could have been changes made just from the time when I found my dream.

At that time when I had not even a slightest idea of what grown up,adults responsibility, sacrifices, means
I unknowingly apply them without learning those words

My determination took over me

The thought of being close to your dream never
Ever let me sleep
The thought

The imagination of  speaking in English in a big auditorium in front of a knowledgeable people at that time was impossible

However I saw it turning into reality

And when my imagination became reality enthusiasm rush inside my blood

At that time I might have first time or maybe second time heard my internal voice

When I learnt my dream maybe it was my internal voice

But at that time when there were praises and claps I realise that all this was because of my internal voice who I never knew

Time flies by from the journey of a primary student
I have heard my teachers saying that

Time goes by

And awaits of no one

At that time i knew what it means even though I wasn’t familiar with that language still.i knew what that means
And uptil now it means to me

I.hold onto my dream earnestly but when I am so close
There’s nothing but ambiguity
When you are one step closer to your dream

You don’t know what is the thing which you haven’t done  that would help you to get Your dream .

It remind me the ludo game of snakes
Where you are just stuck on square of 99 and just need the number 1

To get to your goal

After traveling a long path being familiar with the grasses and leaves on the trees seeing the fruits ripening

And my path changing I can still see the thorns and memories, struggles

The treasure that journey has given me
That holding onto your dream is not important

Something more then that is ,I have often seen that a person, every person has to do something which he orr she never realise but that thing make them to reach their goal without being aware of it .

Please share your thoughts and views 🙂