I wont say I can feel your pain
Your whole world has crushed menacingly to the point starting over is
Sowing seed in an unfertile land ,
Your eyes tell the tales of devastating
Pain and grief ,
You lost your princess
Which use to give you eternal happiness
The voice is lost mind is broken and depressed
Nothing is working
You are seeking for justice but
You lost your princess
You cannot bring her back
She won’t come back from the college anymore ,.she won’t be there at home waiting for you to come
Now how will daddy go home
Knowing that it’s not his home anymore .
How can you believe and trust this justice when I myself can’t ,
How can I expect you to do so when the brutal parasite is in front of your eyes

I don’t know why wouldn’t you kill him when his face reminds you , of your lovely daughters face , how could I ask for justice
How can I ask you to believe in justice.
Yet this justice is protecting him from your grasp and your eyes in tears amd helplessness that he didn’t save her princess ,
Now the crown is in your hands
And he is in culf yet you are punished for your whole life

We’re sorry