The leaves falling ,
With a drop of pearl on its pores ,
The dropping of the rain drops ,
The blooming shinning flowers

the meadow is concealed in the chill air
In a cape of fog.

Slowly slowly as the bird flews ,
The leaves shades different colours with the sun reflecting it’s colour casting it rays in full delight .
The lakes are filled with the goose and ducks dancing and circling in the water.
The bird chirping and taking a sip
With a melody
Deers looking and enjoying the sight of fishes swimming in the fresh clear Lake All the animals are gathered by the lake

Serpents twist around the branches,
Crocodiles in the sun
Everyone is gathered their including hare
In this delight spring.

The flowers blooms the world is alive again,
The wind and the valleys the waterfall are godly dressed as the most beautiful princess hair

The time passes
It’s time for the little bird to take the flight and take the long hard journey .
It flews as the leaves fall and buried under the soil ,
The rose withers , the squirrel hidden
The butterflies vanish the bees are gone
It’s all silent
As the white sprinkles the ground ,
All the beauty is buried in the snow
A new life is at foot

The branches are dried With the empty trees
The lakes slowly is covered by a hard sheet of glass
Let’s reveal the life of the sleeping eyes
The fox with demonic eyes sniff the cold
Stepping and making a print in the ice age
Welcomes the winter with a bears getting out to hunt