The fear of losing
Have you ever felt it?

feeling of being empty
Have you ever walk through it

The feeling of being lost,
Lost, in an unknown world
Beyond your reach and from the other world like an abundant ship in the middle of raging sea

Helpless , broken
being extremely lonely , suffering through excruciating pain
Seeing your own steps everytime
when you hear your own voice against you
You tear apart with the dispersed pieces

Like a piece of a glass
The pain and disheartened of being at the edge of the cliff
At the same time the insanity of living (life) behind you
Neither heading ahead cause it’s a regret, it’s temporary (death)
Nor looking back cause it’s breath takingly menacing and killing.
Your soul dieing piercing you from inside to jump out of the cell ( body )
At the same time it’s meaning less
To be free cause then nothing would be alive

The jewel

of the soul is dipped in sorrow and blood and stains
It’s shape and figure has changed totally
To the point it
It didn’t remain the thing it was,
It cannot feel ,
How devastating it is always the dark eyes states
But now lips are sealed
Hands are filled with marks to the point it’s hard to see the skin
Living like a weirdo
When I feel myself a seeker of peace .