I was once dreaming about growing and shining
Looking back at myself
I was shining in my own present

Then I grew
But in real
I lose

Instead of growing
I fall
I drowned

Stuck in the chaos of life
Soon came to know
I was stuck in desires

, entangled in expectations
I lose my smile

I desired to be a listener
I became one
But forgot how to be a speaker
Once again

took a lot of time
To realise
That i lose my own voice

In a hustle  of admiring other
While I was their admiration
In the greed of surpassing my own ,
I lose my excellence in the past and

my future
Without my existence

Even the sun has settled down the horizon
But in my present

i am losing

my own reflection
In the end of the time
I betrayed my soul
Unwillingly change the road
The destination was same
But let her hand go , my true self
Never turned back
Fearing that it was my worse
When it was the best .