A sunny afternoon hitting the towns and shops

He comes with a frown ,His shirt striking out ,Among the crowd , he didn’t Care His eyes seeking for something

wandering in the surroundings , Murmurings were indistinct to him,His hands reach for the straight Black In front of his iris

His muscles tensed up , feeling the warm skin of her finger tips,brushing against His

only to meet The strawberry scent and her rabbit eyes Stepping back she left ,leaving him deserted

The footsteps had become the rhythmThe winds enchant the spellThe strings of the two heart , tide into a knotShe had piles of black kajal at her house

Since then

Every weekend from the Calendar Became special from that day on .


Until this day, the two caught’the same ‘Fighting the kindness ended when,

He left her there

No longer he camealong with her,the man with the cigar awaits for them to be a mate

From turning back and walking forth She knocked, to find him at the door

With a lot of sketches on his white hand reaching the shoulders ending to a strap

It was the very first when he asked her the favour

Draw something for him .

she took the kajal from him, Laughing and smiling

She learnt , it was a charcoal pencil

I wrote this poem on Oct 6 , i just felt like writing more poems but I couldn’t due to university and exams Please bear with me😥