Be far away from the people who won’t apologise until
Tears fill your eyes
And not because they realise that they were wrong .
But because they thought they just hurt you enough broke you enough
Remember they don’t love you
If they do,
They wouldn’t have hurt you
Go ahead
And don’t trust them again
Ignore them
Throw them away
Forgive them
But don’t trust them again
Mirza mariyam

A charcoal pencil

A sunny afternoon hitting the towns and shops

He comes with a frown ,His shirt striking out ,Among the crowd , he didn’t Care His eyes seeking for something

wandering in the surroundings , Murmurings were indistinct to him,His hands reach for the straight Black In front of his iris

His muscles tensed up , feeling the warm skin of her finger tips,brushing against His

only to meet The strawberry scent and her rabbit eyes Stepping back she left ,leaving him deserted

The footsteps had become the rhythmThe winds enchant the spellThe strings of the two heart , tide into a knotShe had piles of black kajal at her house

Since then

Every weekend from the Calendar Became special from that day on .


Until this day, the two caught’the same ‘Fighting the kindness ended when,

He left her there

No longer he camealong with her,the man with the cigar awaits for them to be a mate

From turning back and walking forth She knocked, to find him at the door

With a lot of sketches on his white hand reaching the shoulders ending to a strap

It was the very first when he asked her the favour

Draw something for him .

she took the kajal from him, Laughing and smiling

She learnt , it was a charcoal pencil

I wrote this poem on Oct 6 , i just felt like writing more poems but I couldn’t due to university and exams Please bear with me😥

Leaving  my own hand

I was once dreaming about growing and shining
Looking back at myself
I was shining in my own present

Then I grew
But in real
I lose

Instead of growing
I fall
I drowned

Stuck in the chaos of life
Soon came to know
I was stuck in desires

, entangled in expectations
I lose my smile

I desired to be a listener
I became one
But forgot how to be a speaker
Once again

took a lot of time
To realise
That i lose my own voice

In a hustle  of admiring other
While I was their admiration
In the greed of surpassing my own ,
I lose my excellence in the past and

my future
Without my existence

Even the sun has settled down the horizon
But in my present

i am losing

my own reflection
In the end of the time
I betrayed my soul
Unwillingly change the road
The destination was same
But let her hand go , my true self
Never turned back
Fearing that it was my worse
When it was the best .

Quick announcement

Sorry for the readers for not uploading

This Sunday

Currently I am caught up with exams and studies there’s alot to catch and alot to do

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Therefore I am going on a break

I hope you’ll understand .

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The fear of losing
Have you ever felt it?

feeling of being empty
Have you ever walk through it

The feeling of being lost,
Lost, in an unknown world
Beyond your reach and from the other world like an abundant ship in the middle of raging sea

Helpless , broken
being extremely lonely , suffering through excruciating pain
Seeing your own steps everytime
when you hear your own voice against you
You tear apart with the dispersed pieces

Like a piece of a glass
The pain and disheartened of being at the edge of the cliff
At the same time the insanity of living (life) behind you
Neither heading ahead cause it’s a regret, it’s temporary (death)
Nor looking back cause it’s breath takingly menacing and killing.
Your soul dieing piercing you from inside to jump out of the cell ( body )
At the same time it’s meaning less
To be free cause then nothing would be alive

The jewel

of the soul is dipped in sorrow and blood and stains
It’s shape and figure has changed totally
To the point it
It didn’t remain the thing it was,
It cannot feel ,
How devastating it is always the dark eyes states
But now lips are sealed
Hands are filled with marks to the point it’s hard to see the skin
Living like a weirdo
When I feel myself a seeker of peace .


It makes everything different in a second
Anything can turn into a pain,

misery ,

in a second ,
Even the things which once use to gives you happiness
Can be painful .
It will hurt you it’s like a stabbed in your heart or a glass pieces
Stuck in your artery which is cutting you
Inch by inch .

You are smiling everything seems fine when it’s not .
So devastating , so
Menacing ,excruciating
A time can be , the two hands can be
At each ticks how many tears the eyes will bring and how many pains and memories can be freed
The whole thing is captivated in the heart
And the

soul in the body ,.
Tears are the some seeking words of the soul and the memories are the thoughts of the body
At the end where it goes.

Knight of nature

The leaves falling ,
With a drop of pearl on its pores ,
The dropping of the rain drops ,
The blooming shinning flowers

the meadow is concealed in the chill air
In a cape of fog.

Slowly slowly as the bird flews ,
The leaves shades different colours with the sun reflecting it’s colour casting it rays in full delight .
The lakes are filled with the goose and ducks dancing and circling in the water.
The bird chirping and taking a sip
With a melody
Deers looking and enjoying the sight of fishes swimming in the fresh clear Lake All the animals are gathered by the lake

Serpents twist around the branches,
Crocodiles in the sun
Everyone is gathered their including hare
In this delight spring.

The flowers blooms the world is alive again,
The wind and the valleys the waterfall are godly dressed as the most beautiful princess hair

The time passes
It’s time for the little bird to take the flight and take the long hard journey .
It flews as the leaves fall and buried under the soil ,
The rose withers , the squirrel hidden
The butterflies vanish the bees are gone
It’s all silent
As the white sprinkles the ground ,
All the beauty is buried in the snow
A new life is at foot

The branches are dried With the empty trees
The lakes slowly is covered by a hard sheet of glass
Let’s reveal the life of the sleeping eyes
The fox with demonic eyes sniff the cold
Stepping and making a print in the ice age
Welcomes the winter with a bears getting out to hunt

Unknown feeling

I don’t know what this feeling is that my heart is empty and shattered it has cracks which cannot be healed

Everything hurts and the pain reflects my eyes a lump formed inside my throat it makes hard to breath that I am suffocating inside my own body .

Justice ?

I wont say I can feel your pain
Your whole world has crushed menacingly to the point starting over is
Sowing seed in an unfertile land ,
Your eyes tell the tales of devastating
Pain and grief ,
You lost your princess
Which use to give you eternal happiness
The voice is lost mind is broken and depressed
Nothing is working
You are seeking for justice but
You lost your princess
You cannot bring her back
She won’t come back from the college anymore ,.she won’t be there at home waiting for you to come
Now how will daddy go home
Knowing that it’s not his home anymore .
How can you believe and trust this justice when I myself can’t ,
How can I expect you to do so when the brutal parasite is in front of your eyes

I don’t know why wouldn’t you kill him when his face reminds you , of your lovely daughters face , how could I ask for justice
How can I ask you to believe in justice.
Yet this justice is protecting him from your grasp and your eyes in tears amd helplessness that he didn’t save her princess ,
Now the crown is in your hands
And he is in culf yet you are punished for your whole life

We’re sorry


The strings touching and mixing with sounds
Making a new rhythm,
It flows in the air with the joy and love of the nature

it give its big share, the flowers

loses its petal and touch the ground

but the moment was still peaceful

with the music in the air,

as the strings touches eachother bringing the new chords

with the chirping of the birds


the breeze of the wind,

with the trees shading it leaves

with the bees buzzing ,

the parrots squealing
The strings summon the winter with a humble symphony.